Policy Committee Agenda

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Monday, October 8, 2018 - 9:00am
Franklin Lakes Public Schools
In accordance with Board of Education Bylaw 9130, Sections B.5 and D.1.c, standing committee chairs or their designees will:
  • File a summary report of their meetings with the whole Board unless the topics are protected by provisions of the Sunshine Law, and
  • Report to the Board within five business days following each committee meeting.
After completing the following form, please distribute it to the full committee and then, after coming to consensus, to the full Board of Education and appropriate administrators:
Name of Board Committee:
Policy Committee
Date of Board Committee Meeting:
October 8, 2018
Board Members Present:
  1. Ms. Vicki Holst, Chair
  1. Ms. Kathie Schwartz
  1. Ms. Lisa Acquaire
  1. Ms. Amanda Krakowiak
Administrators Present:
  1. Dr. Gayle Strauss
  1.  Kris Gonzalez
Discussion Items:
  • Revisit Policy/Regulation 5131.6 Drugs, Alcohol (Vaping presentation) - if minor changes, recommend 2nd read 10/9/18
  • Policy 1100 Communicating with the Public – updated legal references – recommend for 1st read 10/9/18
  • Policy 5118 NonResidents – suggested additional revision by Fogarty and Hara – recommend first read 10/19/18
  • Policy 5141.20  Food Allergy Policy/Reg – Review (per board member request) – CRS Nut-free policy
  • Review recommended new policy Healthy Workplace Environment.
  • Review 6142.2 English as a Second Language; Bilingual Programs and 6153 Field Trips – compare to NJSBA policy
  • Policies 5131.6, 1100, 5118, 5141.20, 6142.2 and 6153
Future Topics (optional)
Next Meeting Date
November 12, 2018, 9:00am
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